For the love of GREAT coffee and cake

Eating healthy is one thing, but what fun is going out and having a salad on date night? Or nibbling on fruit when you haven’t seen your friend in ages. Or sipping herbal tea after a super stressful day. As far as I’m concerned, good coffee and cake solves EVERYTHING.

I was fiddling around on my blog this afternoon – aaah, aren’t lazy Saturdays at home the best? – trying to think of something to write about. Wellness – nah. Fitness… nope. And then I looked up and saw my favourite picture above my desk, with the quote:

Live life one cupcake at a time.”

Cake. My tummy is rumbling and my mouth is salivating at the very thought of cake. It’s been too long… I know, cake is full of sugar and bad carbs, blah blah blah. But here’s where I stand on the whole desserts, cupcakes, pie, cake thing:

We only live once.

I swear, I hear of people who religiously ONLY eat healthy food every day of their lives, avoiding anything sweet because it’s “not good for you”. Each to their own, I guess – but me? I know I could never do that. Again. I did it, a few years ago and it wasn’t fun. Not fun going out with friends and being the only one not enjoying yourself while you have a little herbal tea and everyone else is having their cake and eating it.

I figure, if I’m going to go out and enjoy a good cup of coffee and cake, I better be doing something on the side so I don’t feel toooo guilty about it.

cappuccinos and cake

Because, on the other end of the ‘scale’ – I picked up 10kg a few years ago and I was completely miserable. It took me a year to lose that weight the right way and I don’t ever want to get to that place again.

So, fitness has become something of a daily habit again for me – YAY!

Yay, because I’ve finally started understanding what people mean when they say find something you ENJOY doing. Exercising isn’t suppose to feel like a chore or punishment. There are sooooooo many amazing health benefits to living an active lifestyle, it’s crazy.

Why I love exercising…

  • First and foremost, it helps relieve stress – happy days!
  • Exercising boosts all those cool happiness hormones
  • It’s known to help improve concentration
  • Regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight
  • It’s a great way to meet like-minded people
  • Exercising boosts self esteem

There are a ton more – Google and you’ll be inundated with sites to explore – but these are my favourite reasons.

I’ve gotten into a nice fitness groove again this last month or two. I try and get to at least one Zumba class a week (these are A LOT of fun), I do a slow-ish 5km run once or twice a week, and I visit the gym at least twice a week – got to keep those Vitality points going!

It’s about balance.

Exercising when it’s convenient – making it a priority, but not becoming obsessive about it so that it takes over your life. (Learnt this one the hard way, too).


Going out for coffee and cake makes me happy. For those few indulgent minutes, I forget about all the ‘to dos’ and niggly things going on in my head. It’s like a little holiday – pure and utter bliss.

Current favourite coffee and cake spots

Boere Sjiek in Brackenfell – you HAVE to try their red velvet cake. It is

Ya-Ya Cafe in Stellenbosch – that was the best carrot cake I’ve had in a loooooooong time

Oppie Koffie in Stellenbosch – they make the most incredible range of baked cheesecakes!

Snobs Coffee in Somerset West – you will be in coffee heaven, and the cosy lounge set-up is a treat from the norm

So yes, I will have my cake and eat it, thank you very much. As long as there are Zumba classes and trail runs, there will be cake!

Now I can’t stop thinking about cake… Do you have any great coffee and cake places you’d recommend?


9 Replies to “For the love of GREAT coffee and cake”

  1. Although too much coffee and cake won’t make my life style healthy, they do make me feel happy when I’m enjoying the sweetness within. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes it’s all about balance. We reward ourselves for the good things we do, but also with when we don’t do anything good. It’s easy to get carried away.

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      That’s SO true, Claire! In fact – that’s one of my weaknesses, as soon as I have a stressful day, wine and chocolate are my go tos. Thanks for that gentle reminder, and for the comment! 🙂

  3. Coffee and cake are my guilty pleasures! While I maintain a healthy lifestyle in general, these are two things I definitely can’t turn my back on!

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      Travis, yes! I hear you – cake and coffee, can’t give those up, ever! Such motivation to keep exercising, too… Eat cake to exercise, exercise to eat cake; it’s all about the balance. 😀

  4. Yum! Now I need some cake!
    And I so need to write a blog post. Hehe.
    And I love how you tied this in with exercise. 😉
    Cynthia recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful – Before the VoyageMy Profile

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      There’s always a time for cake! It’s just after 7am here and I’m craving it again. Thankfully, got some Zumba tonight… indulged in some chocolate cheesecake last night *oops*

      Yes, you DO need to write one… we’re all waiting with baited breath – really, hehe 😀

  5. William Holland says: Reply

    Oh Mel, we would get along fabulously. LOL Coffee and cake….equals….heaven!!!!!!!

    It is all about balance, my friend. It is not necessary to give up the decadence; just take it in responsible portions and remember to find a way to exercise daily.

    Always good to hear from you….have a great weekend!

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      Bill, exactly! Coffee and cake = heaven… can never say no to a good cuppa 😀 I can only imagine the amazing cake flavours you must have over there. And the coffee! They’ve just opened two Starbucks coffee shops in Johannesburg, so we’re patiently waiting for them to open up in Cape Town, too. Now that’s great coffee!!

      I am sure if we ever get up there again, we’ll just have to pop in and have some coffee and cake with you and Bev.:)

      Have a fab Sunday my friend!

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