Getting back in shape: Supashape’s vegetarian diet

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From in shape to outta shape, just like that

I’ve never been one for diets I prefer to stick to a mostly healthy eating plan.

BUT, I never say no to a frozen yoghurt, a cupcake (or two), or a plate of chips if the craving hits; life is too short to miss out on all that good stuff!

Over the last few months though, I’ve really let myself go. Staying in shape took a back-seat to stress.

  • I couldn’t shake the extra holiday weight from June.
  • Stress at work took a huge toll on me, so I ate all kinds of things to find some sort of comfort in my day.
  • I also started skimping on exercise: the couch and TV was my little safety net and a lot more appealing than lacing up to go for a run.

My clothes got tighter, my skin lost its healthy glow, and I just felt yuk.

Then things took a turn for the better and I was introduced to the Supashape diet for vegetarians.
I’ve been on this eating plan for a week and I can’t remember when last I felt this good about my body or myself.

In a week I’ve lost 1.5kgs, which is a little more than what you’re safely supposed to lose in a week (between 0.5 and 1kg).

I can toss this up to extra cardio and not eating the mid-morning snack properly, so this week I’m aiming to be better at just losing the safe amount.
(The last thing I want is to lose too much and then get sick, or put it all back on in no time – that defeats the point!)

The Supashape diet for vegetarians

You might think being a vegetarian is a diet in itself, but it’s not. Trust me, overloading on processed meat-free substitutes is very easy!

This meal plan is good, but it’s not perfect, so you just need to find what works for you. This is what I’ve been following:


The meal plan recommends oats for breakfast, but that makes my tummy bloat so I substituted with this:

  • 2 x slices of gluten-free toast (you can also use 100% rye bread)
  • fat-free smooth cottage cheese
  • thick slice of tomato
  • 2 x boiled eggs
  • coffee with fat-free milk, no sugar
  • water + daily vitamins

I try to get in 2 – 2.5 litres of water every day. Adding a slice or two of lemon makes it taste a lot better (and speeds up metabolism!)

vegegarian breakfast


  • big apple*

(*The recipe calls for an apple and a diet snack bar or high protein cookie, but I don’t want those. I want to eat natural food, so I’m looking for something to substitute this with.)


|| option 1 ||

  • lettuce + cucumber slices
  • quinoa (expensive, but you only use a little so it lasts long)
  • roasted peppers + raw green beans
  • feta
  • basil pesto + olive oil
  • chia seeds

|| option 2 ||

  • lettuce + cucumber slices
  • roasted butternut
  • feta *
  • lentils
  • olive oil + balsamic vinegar dressing

(*The meal plan calls for goat’s cheese, but that’s way too expensive so I just add in feta. Lettuce isn’t as fancy as rocket, but it’s cheaper too.)


  • plain yoghurt (I use low-fat) + cinnamon + nutmeg + chia seeds *

(*I sometimes add in a little cocoa powder just to give it more flavour)


|| option 1 ||

  • potato gnocchi with basil pesto + Parmesan cheese

|| option 2 ||

  • roasted butternut, peppers and courgettes
  • red kidney beans mixed in at the end

Treat not in meal plan: 18 pieces of sushi (vegetarian) on Friday night.

shape up

Getting back in shape with exercise

I started doing 15-minute little online workout videos. Jessica Smith TV is my go-to whenever I don’t feel like exercising, it’s awesome!

Then I started walking 30 minutes, then 45 minutes, then adding jogging into the mix.

It’s all about starting somewhere and just moving, even if you’re not feeling up to it.

The hardest part about exercising is lacing up your shoes, stepping outside or going to the gym – really! Once you start and you feel those feel-good endorphins flowing (usually after about 10–15 minutes), I promise you, it’s all good and downhill from there.

I’m aiming at doing at least 45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and one or two strength training workouts. Tall order, but I’ve forgotten how good I feel after a challenging workout.

Hunger pangs?

Besides feeling a little hungry after the snacks in this meal plan, everything else satisfies me. I don’t feel full, but I don’t feel like I’m starving, which is important.

I have way more energy than I’ve had in months and I don’t feel sluggish at all (best!)

The only extra thing I eat during the day is a banana 45 minutes before I exercise. (Okay, and a tiny piece of cheddar cheese…)

Not vegetarian?

If you’re not vegetarian, here’s the Complete Diet Solution For Women meal plan from Supashape that you can also try – a friend is following this one and she said she’s seeing amazing results, so I can recommend both.

Although the Christmas holiday season probably isn’t the best time to start something like this, January might be a better idea!


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  1. Hi Mel! For whatever reason, I don’t get notices of your blog. I just happen to see it on Facebook and then I can respond.

    As far as diets, I’ve never been on one. I’ve stayed the same weight for decades, one of those weird DNA things. 🙂

    Have a great week, my friend.

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      Hey Bill!

      Can you send some of that DNA my way, please?
      Aaah, I guess it’s just the natural order of the way things go after you hit 30. 😛

      Hope you’re taking some leave over the Christmas season?
      I’ve been on leave for 2 weeks and it’s been heaven. Staycations are VERY underrated.

      Have a super week and stay warm up there! (I am counting down till Autumn)

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