Running for Life: Month #2 Progress & Sex and the City


Well, this isn’t the Monday Motivation, is it?

Nope, it’s not. Sorry guys. Long story short – I’m too much of a Sunday afternoon perfectionist and I miss my loafing time. Selfish I know. But I sat watching Sex and the City for three hours straight yesterday while Geoff was out playing golf, and I have to tell you – it was ABSOLUTE bliss.

This blog evolves and churns out things as often as I come up with new ideas, which is almost as often as I paint my nails.

Which is a GOOD thing. It keeps things interesting, don’t you think?

Besides, I miss writing on the fly – like now. Too much planning is too tedious for my liking.

On Wednesday I got stuck with the one-day flu – dry throat, phlegm, headaches; the whole tooty. So I spent the day on the couch getting lost in Carrie Bradshaw’s New York lifestyle (aka Sex and the City) for anΒ entire day. With it raining outside and Sassy on my lap. We had a very low-key date night later that night. Once a week – come hell or high water, in sickness or in health, otherwise we forget about it. On the weekend we did the Parkrun (I beat last week’s time by 5 minutes, yay!), I went to the beach for a stroll with a friend, and stocked up on vitamins. No two-week flu for me this year – I’m adamant.

Here are a few randoms from the week…

Coffee and chocolate banana pudding heaven…

Gluten-free toast with spinach, feta and sweet chilli sauce. Yum!

Friday’s 50-minute workout. NOT for the faint-hearted.

Wednesday’s disgusting Med Lemon. But it helped.

And, Sassy finding warmth on my lap. Such a tough life that.

Running Update: Feb & March

Running has infused my soul over these last few weeks.

As much as I feel like death warmed up at the start of every run, I always feel like I’ve run a marathon by the end. My body feels alive. Today I even forgot to plug in my music, I just listened to the sound of my shoes pounding the tar and my panting breath towards the end.

I don’t know who wrote those articles about being able to run a 5 km race in 5 weeks when you’re a beginner, but they’re lying. Seriously. People with treadmills in their bedrooms, maybe?

I’ll probably only do my first race around September, but that’s okay. I figure by then I’ll be running 99% of it and not praying for the finish line. Here’s a quick overview of my progress over the last two months…

  • 11 February 2014 Β – 2.96 km in 29 minutes
  • 4 March 2014 – 3.1 km in 27 minutes
  • 13 March 2014 – 3.6 km in 31 minutes
  • 20 March 2014 – 4.5 km in 40 minutes
  • 29 March 2014 – 5 km in 44 minutes

Well, that’s it for today New challenge – keeping these posts short and sweet and to the point. Have a GREAT one. πŸ™‚Β 


12 Replies to “Running for Life: Month #2 Progress & Sex and the City”

  1. Wow! I love your PR’s Mel.

    I am thinking of doing a 5K walk in a few weeks and honestly it has been raining bad here so, dunno what will i do with no practice at all (esp since I don’t have a treadmill)

    I am glad you beat your one day flu symptom and are back to track πŸ™‚
    ruchira recently posted…My MindsetMy Profile

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      I don’t have a treadmill either – wish I did! I find that exercising to workout DVDs keeps me pretty fit – not as much as running, but it’s something at least.

      It’s awesome that you plan to do a 5 km walk! πŸ™‚ Maybe just try and walk on the days it isn’t raining and do some moves at home in front of the TV on the days it’s too wet out.

  2. Hey Melanie I’m glad your back to good…everyone around here had a little bug recently. There was a lotta Momming going on around here…cooking chicken soup, doling out the Kleenex…lol

    I just wish I had some of your energy today!
    Kelly recently posted…Driving in St. LouisMy Profile

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      Oh no… bugs are the worst πŸ™ Hope you’re feeling a little better today? This is when you need a rainy day, a comfy bed and tons of good stuff on TV to watch. Feel better soon! xx

  3. Well done for bettering your time! I love rainy afternoons in front of the TV, cuddling with the fur baby πŸ™‚ Hope you are feeling better and maybe keep some Zinc tablets near to hand to help you make sure the flu does not linger.
    Tandy | Lavender and Lime recently posted…Cari Curry Powder RecipeMy Profile

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      Rainy afternoons in front of the TV are the BEST! Thanks for the tip, never thought of using Zinc tablets – sounds like a good idea. πŸ™‚

  4. Great that you’re keeping up with the running, Mel!
    Michelle Liew recently posted…A New FriendMy Profile

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      Thanks Michelle, I’m trying. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be though, but I’m still loving it!

  5. Put the word “sex” in the title and you increase your readership. It’s a proven fact. LOL

    Good morning Mel. Way to go on that running. I’m proud of you. Now that the weather has finally improved and the days are longer, I don’t have winter as an excuse. I’ll have to get started again this week.

    Thanks for the motivation and have a wonderful week.

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      Really? Well then I’ll be watching those numbers over the next week, LOL! Thanks Bill, still have a long way to go, but I’m enjoying the journey. So glad you’ll be able to get outside again now that the good weather is your side. Have a GREAT week too πŸ™‚

  6. I absolutely love Sex in the City and still watch all the reruns when I can. So, definitely a great sick day watch for sure. But do hope you are feeling better now and sending good health vibes your way. Have a great Monday and the rest of the week now, too πŸ™‚
    Janine Huldie recently posted…We Just Love Them – Then I Became A Mother Book ReviewMy Profile

    1. Melanie Chisnall says: Reply

      Thank you Janine, feeling a ton better. I swear by staying in bed for a day or two and stocking up with vitamins as soon as I start feeling sick. Usually does the trick! πŸ™‚

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