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lush products

LUSH products review – Fresh, cruelty-free cosmetics

Jan/10 By

LUSH products aren’t tested on animals and they’re environmentally friendly. I recently bought a few to try and thought I’d review them all here…


12-Minute guided meditation for anxiety relief

Dec/30 By

Shake away stress at home or the office with this 12-minute relaxing guided meditation video. Great for anyone as a calming, quick tension reliever.


Changing The “Blueprint” – Getting Realistic for 2016

Dec/15 By

One of Tony Robbins’ motivational videos on changing your life’s “blueprint” inspired this ‘Dear Diary’ raw and real post today.

vegetarian breakfast

Getting back in shape: Supashape’s vegetarian diet

Dec/7 By

I’m not a fan of diets, but I need to get back in shape after months of stress and laziness. I’ve been on this Supashape vegetarian diet for a week and I’ve seen amazing results! I was really surprised by just how much extra energy I have, and how good I’m feeling.

Taking a Break… And a Few Revelations

Taking a Break… And a Few Revelations

Jul/13 By

Hey guys, This post is a little different to the others. I’m sitting here writing this on a Sunday afternoon after a week of ups and downs. I’ve done a

Health Foods in My Kitchen – July 2014

Health Foods in My Kitchen – July 2014

Jul/2 By

  There was a time not too long ago when I thought I wanted to be a food blogger… Then I realised that a camera phone just wasn’t going to